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Your lipstick queen strikes again...

"Bad for you..."

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Long nails fetish Goddess...plays with your brain...

"Long nails car tease"

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Glamorous, sensual, seductive and so addictive...lipstick and long nails fetish at it's best...

Purely messing with your brain...

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19th of August

Your long nails Goddess knows your weaknesses and she will lure you into her trap...

You will be addicted to her...stare and you will fall...

Her seductive, sweet but devilish voice will be haunting your mind...

Just the way she wants it...You know you cant resist those amazing long nails...Come! Become one of mine...

Bewitching Seductress


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19th of July

Amazing full on lipstick application and mind-fuck...these new colors of lipstick and nail polish are a fucking winner combo dark, so bad for good for me lol...because I can have you anytime...

You gonna get lots of kisses, tons of lipstick and gloss, seriously bad close-ups, 

dirty play with my cherry...oh sorry with A cherry :), marks on glass ...pure hot lipstick and gloss seduction...

It's a "meat" blower this one lol...BUY IT !!! 

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12th of July

Check out my newly added erotic long nails fantasy mp3 files...I promise you won't

go to bed without them :)

Erotic audio files


Evil enchantress...Sexy evil possessive witch that I am :)

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8th of May

Strong beautiful long nails...I can never have enough of them and judging from all your messages 

lately neither can you :)

"Long Nails Glamour"

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28th of April

Long nails and lipstick obsession

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13th of April

The lipstick that turns me on...

I present you the new Clarins lipstick that has got me properly hooked up...

Its the creamiest ,most sensual that I have come across and has the most amazing smell...I am in love...

The new lipstick fetish video-"Red my lips"

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Hypnotizing red long nails...

"Red long natural nails"

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26th of March

Financial domination ,long nails tease, lipstick and lips tease, total mind will be haunted by

my sexy voice...follow my instruction and I promise you will fall...4 me :)

"Money and release"

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"Truly incredible...Intoxicating and powerful to the highest degree, 

You create all-out, mind-blowing erotic witchery!"


2nd of March

Don't u just want to fall at my feet and let me have my way with you?:)



Crawl to me boy...

Foot fetish, long toenails, foot worship, exquisite feet, goddess feet, beautiful pedicure, foot boy,

polished long toenails, sharp toenails...


22nd of February

The new foot fetish clip features :Long toenails fetish, sexy pedicure, painting my toenails

toe wiggling, toe pointing, toenails up-close, feet tease, oily soles, foot tease, natural long toenails

Feet and toenails tease

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14th of February

Happy Valentines Day everyone !!! Damn i've worked hard to get all this ready for today 

Site updated with  277 amazing HQ pics...Click here for 2 samples and if you are 

not a member yet make sure you join to see all HQ pictures...

New video aswell Glam Doll-Irresistible

I am dressed up for the occasion and my make-up is looking totally amazing...Your beautiful Valentine :)

Will u bite my forbidden fruit? I am going to seduce you with my charms ...

The amazing dark red lipstick feels so creamy and embraces my lips so beautifully...

I can't get enough of it...every stroke is going to bring u closer to me...the gloss is making them look sooo desirable and kissable...

U can't take your eyes away from them...

I am going to kiss my apple several times ,re-apply each time-mesmerizing close-ups...

My beautiful lipstick marks will be forever imprinted on your brain...they will make it impossible for you to resist...Give in to me!!!

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27th of January

Had a great first time experience at Pedestral Club London on Friday...Dark sexy world...Lots of sexy

powerful beautiful women and lots of boys ready to serve.

I want more :)


19th of January

Pure lipstick fetish video...The combination of colors and textures is going 

to blow u away...The image of  those sexy erotic wet lips is going to be 

in your brain for a while...Some seriously hot close-ups..

Go buy the video-"Draining Beauty"

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2nd of January 

Powerful long nailed Goddess strikes again...those sexy feminine but scary long nails

will play with your brain and body...Give yourself to me!!!

Go buy the video-"Enchantress"

"Another home run with Enchantress, one of your best ever. LOVED it!."

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Me Live :) 


17th of December

Lollypop sucking and licking video

"Lipstick and lollypop.."

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8th of December 

Erotic lips and lipstick fixation...the most beautiful way to look at a woman's

 lips... the close-ups are going to take your breath away :)

Mesmerizing lips, dark sexy eyes, Mixing up colors..

My new video "Juicy Erotic Mouth..."


Addictive, seductive, powerful, red lips and nails ...I want u dizzy and fucked up :)

My new hot video...

"Intoxicating red lips"


9th of November

Most of the times I put a clip up this happens but today I just felt like putting 

them next to each other and show off lol...Thank u boys!!!

Ohh and also go check out the HQ-s I have added on my website



Your powerful lipstick Goddess strikes again :)..."TANTALIZING"...go get it boy !!!

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22nd of October

I received my new web cam and out of the blue I wanted to check that all was working well on camcontacts ...

Without letting anyone know Saturday night I plunged in and surprised quite a few of you lol ..

It was soo much fun...



17th of October 

Sexy long hair, sex screaming make-up, nice wet dark lips ,long clear nails...

Just the fix u need lol--SEXCREAMING LOOK...

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26th of September

Long nails fetish, hand fetish...enslaving u with little feminine "things"...wrapping u around my fingers

would be very suitable :)...The Nails..."AMAZING LONG NAILS"

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Ohh and look what i have found...a beautiful BIG still from LIL' MINX

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5th of September

Now u know I always try to do things better so this is my first attempt...quite successful if I say so myself...

Shot more like a film...tells a story, engages you and puts a smile on your face at the end of it...

Staring ME ,long nails, sexy make-up, amazing lipstick, sexy boots, short skirt...totally sexy and feminine.


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23rd of August 2012

There is something about red toenails against light skin that I find totally hypnotizing...not to mention red nails 

or even more RED lipstick...if u had any doubts about what is my absolute favorite color...I hope they vanished.

Pretty hot sexy feet and red toenails...Go check out the video called "FEET BORN TO BE PAMPERED"

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9th of July 2012

Lipstick fetish videos category has just got hotter lol...obviouslly because of my new video entitled "HOT"...

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U know I like to come up with wicked names for my videos but this one I just couldn't  go past hot lol...

I was getting ready to go out so I finished my make-up with this amazing red lipstick ...filming it has definitely 

put me in the right seducing mood :)...Watch the video and send me and email

with your own thoughts on it :) @


19th of June 2012

I absolutely love the look of the lipsticks particularly when they are brand new…

I feel like a kid around lots of candies lol…they make my heart beat faster…I am sure they do the same to u…



8th of June 2012

I was going through my ever growing lipstick collection to remind myself of the colors I have…

I always buy new ones and since I have a bit of a weakness for red u could imagine I have a few reds lol…

Anyway I started swatching a few of them on my hand and that's what i’ve ended up with…very colorful hand…


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